Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The rain is falling steadily outside, which means that the spring rains are upon us. The field at Arden Elementary School will enjoy this late rain, as the grass will recover when the weather changes and provide us with a better training venue for the duration of the program. To date, the Spring Soccer Academy has been a tremendous success. There are 75 players enrolled between the ages of 2005-1997, with the addition of the following coaching staff:

  • Ken Garraway
  • Mike Rogers
  • Bruce Mitchell
  • Gerald Fusil
  • Dave Nelson
  • Mack Zirkl
  • Katie Rogers
  • Dylan Bams

Plus the following Mentor Coaches

  • Alex the Goalie
  • Jared Jones
  • Oscar Novak
  • Peter Gledhill
  • Grayson Chalifoux

The weekends on Denman have worked out very well, with all of the players making the commute each and every Saturday over to Denman Island by ferry.

2002-2004 Team PhotosProgram Highlights:

  • Friday, May 24th VISA MOM’s Appreciation Night at Rusty Rooster Home Furnishings and Accessories in Cumberland
  • Saturday, May 25th UEFA Champions League Final Broadcast and VISA 7-Aside Tournament
  • Friday, June 7th VISA Bowling Event
  • Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th VISA Games in Victoria
  • Tuesday, July 2nd to Saturday, July 6th VISA 3-Day Mini-Residential Soccer Camps on Denman Island


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