Denman Island 7-Aside

You are invited to our 13th Annual Seven Aside Soccer Tournament on Denman Island.

A Fun Soccer Weekend for all ages July 13 + 14, 2019. Concession, Games, and Raffles are some of the activities going on during the tournament. Register as a team, individual or small group in one of the following categories (minimum 3 games per team):

Team Categories

  • Family Team
  • 16 + Co-Ed Team (Minimum 2 females on the field at all times excluding the goalie)
  • 35 + Co-Ed Team (Minimum 2 females on the field at all times excluding the goalie)

Fees for the tournament are $350 per team. Each team is provided with 10 t-shirts included with the registration fee. Extra t-shirts available for $15 / item. All funds collected for the tournament go directly back to the Community Sportsfield for the continued maintenance of the field and equipment provided to the various sports groups on Denman Island. in the event your team registers a family team in addition to a 35+ Co-ed Team the registration for the two teams will be reduced by $50 per team. Please note, all teams interested in camping will be asked to contribute $100 per team towards the campground. The campground is located 5-minutes from the field and we ask that you respect the simple fact this this is a property being donated to us for the weekend and there are full-time residents who will be sharing the 40-acre parcel of land.


Be sure to complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION and provide payment before June 15, 2019!

Tournament Rules

  1. Games
    1. Field Dimensions 60 x 45
    2. Full-sized goals
    3. Subs on the fly
    4. No offside
    5. No slidetackles
    6. 2 x 20 minute halves
    7. 5 minute halftime break
  2. Misconduct – in the event of a yellow card or red card situation, the player will be penalized according to the guidelines of FIFA Fair Play Code of Ethics.
    1. First yellow card offense no penalty
    2. Second yellow card offence in the same game equals red card
    3. Red card offence equals immediate dismissal from the field of play, plus a one game suspension (next game) and a review by the tournament committee regarding further participation in the tournament (if warranted).
  3. Schedule
    1. Round-robin format.
    2. Each team is guaranteed 3 games, with the potential for a fourth based on the results.
  4. Results
    1. Win 3 points. Tie 1 points. Loss no points.
    2. In the event of a tie between teams at the end of the round-robin the following conditions will apply:
      1. Head to head (if there are two teams tied and they have played one another)
      2. Goal Difference (Goals For minus Goals against). Please note, the maximum number of recorded goals for will be 5.  For example, if a team wins 9-1, the goals for are recorded as 5 and the goals against as 1.
      3. Draw names from a hat.
    3. In the event of a tie in a final NASL Penalty Shoot-Out will determine the outcome
      1. Three different players will each have an opportunity to score byStarting at the half-way line
      2. 5 seconds to score by either beating the keeper by any combination of shooting and dribbling.
      3. Keeper starts on the goal line but can move off as soon as the whistle blows
    4. If the game should remain tied (after the 3 shooters) then it becomes sudden death with new players taking part. This continues until the tie is broken.
  1. Maximum 7 players on the field at one time including the GK.
  2. Players will not be allowed to switch teams mid-tournament within the same division. For example, if you play 35+ with one team you will not be allowed to play for another team in the same division. Same-same no different for the 16+ and the Family Divisions.
  3. Goalkeeper must not punt the ball directly from the hands over center and there is no kicking the ball beyond the halfway line on goalkicks.
  4. Pass-In’s rather than Throw-In’s (3 meters maximum- no shooting or crossing)
  5. If you or anyone on your team is going to complain, please consider this is a FUN event for ALL AGES and that we all hope to have a great time raising some funds for the Denman Island Sports Field Association- mutual respect and acknowledgement for all tournament officials who are VOLUNTEERS is essential to the success of the weekend.

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