We are going to take a group of players to a tournament in the Sonoma Valley from June 25-29, 2015 (games will be played on the weekend). This document will serve as an “expression of interest” from the academy families. The travel group will be determined once we have collected the amount of interested players in the respective age groups and feel that we can define a team for that age group. The players will then be selected based on ability for the respective travel team, which means that if you express interest it does not mean that you are automatically included in the trip.

The players will travel and stay with the VISA Staff, which means that they will stay in rooms with their teammates under the constant supervision of the VISA Staff. Each Player requires a current passport and each family will be required to sign a permission form for their child to travel outside of the country under the supervision of the VISA Staff. We will require information regarding allergies and special diets, all to be completed prior.

The players will be expected to travel in a respectful manner, as well as behave in a respectful manner at all times. There will be zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. The package will include all flights, transportation in California; accommodations and light meals (ie breakfast at the hotel and lunch/snacks on game days); as well as travel clothing and uniforms. The parents will be responsible for arranging for the players to arrive at the required airport we will depart from as well as pick-up the players at the same airport upon our return.


Parents are welcome to make the trip, but the parents can and will arrange their own accommodations. We can explore the idea of booking flights with interested parents, but the priority will be on keeping the players focused on their commitment to the VISA Travel Team at all times during the trip.

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